Comics Legends Paul Levitz And Alan Davis Unite For ‘Avengers: War Across Time’

by Tony Thornley

Kang the Conqueror has been enjoying a renaissance lately, as the world prepares for his starring turn in the upcoming Avengers movies. It’s only natural to see Marvel Comics publishing new stories featuring the villain, and the latest project has some serious star power behind it.

Former DC Comics publisher Paul Levitz hasn’t done much at Marvel, naturally. In fact, he has never worked for Marvel. So his debut at the publisher is a big deal, and he also brings along comics legend Alan Davis, one of the most well regarded pencillers in comics history. Together, they’re teaming for the five issue limited series Avengers: War Across Time, a series that both celebrates a milestone and gives us a glimpse into the future Kang wants.

THOR! IRON MAN! CAPTAIN AMERICA! GIANT-MAN & THE WASP! It’s the classic Avengers against the Hulk on the streets of New York, and the beginning of a showdown with Kang the Conqueror that will span the centuries!

“I learned much of my writing craft from THE AVENGERS, and it’s been a delight to pay homage to my old friends Stan, Jack and Don by trying to do something that might have been an extended issue #11.1,” Levitz explained. “We’ve been cooking this up for a long time, and I hope readers have as much fun with it as I did.”

The series kicks off a year of celebration in January as the Avengers celebrate their 60th anniversary all throughout 2023.

Check out preview pages here and be sure to let your local comic shop know that you want to check it out.

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