‘Stargirl’ Retains Its Mysteries In Episode 4

by Frank Martin

If there’s one thing television needs it is consistency. In this new age of streaming, a lot of TV shows format their seasons like a long movie. The pacing is spread out so that sometimes tension will build up gradually over episodes and then a single episode will be complete action. The previous two seasons of Stargirl definitely had their pacing down. The action and the suspense were measured in every episode so that it was fun right from the start. Season 3 is doing something different. It’s moving slower and more methodical as mystery. It might not be as intense as the past season arcs, but the important thing to note is that, at least, it’s been consistent throughout.

This week’s episode continues to set the stage for a showdown in the coming weeks. The plot was split between two rising storylines. Cameron (Hunter Sansone) is starting to come into his powers and this was the episode Courtney (Brec Bassinger) finally learned his secret. But rather than have it blow up in her face, the two actually grew closer and it made for an interesting development. This happened parallel the investigation into the Gambler’s (Eric Goins) death. A piece of evidence was found at the scene, which led the JSA to believe that Cindy’s father had returned. But in fact, as revealed in the episodes closing moments, the evidence came from Cindy (Meg DeLacy) herself, who is transforming.

The mystery is so prevalent throughout this season that it is sprinkles into many different areas of the story. Questions arise as to what is going on with Cindy, who attacked Sylvester (Joel McHale), what plans Cameron’s grandparents have for him, and who is the big bad of the season. No gains have even been made on the villain preview that came from last season. The superhero action is pretty limited, but the mystery is super heightened. So, although it’s certainly different than past seasons, the strength of this season will rely on just how much it doubles down on that consistency and plays it through to the end.

Stargirl airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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