‘Disney Mirrorverse’ Adds 2 Iconic Villains And Rift Raids

by Gary Catig

The mobile action RPG Disney Mirrorverse is receiving thrilling new content to bring another dimension to the game. Players can expect an additional event-based game along with a pair of villainous Guardians that can be obtained.

Kabam has officially launched Rift Raids, which is a new social feature for Alliances that promote teamwork to climb the ranks. The higher you get, the better the rewards. Earn points by finishing every Rift Raid encounter that have Fractured enemies such as Minion, Sentinel, and the Gatekeeper. Defeat that third foe to receive a key to open the next Rift Tier. Rank Rewards are allocated at the end of a Rift Raid event to participating Alliances, based upon their Rank in comparison to other Alliances. These prizes are comprised of Gold, various Motes, and Role Gems up to Tier 4 Role Gem Shards for the highest ranks.

Also arriving to Disney Mirrorverse are the new Guardians Hades and Cruella De Vil; two iconic animated villains. Check out their bios below.

Hades – Commander of the Underworld

“Sarcastically cruel and explosively volatile, Hades now has more on his mind than just caretaking souls. For this mind is now amplified to where he is capable of commanding the denizens of his Underworld realm like an army, a godly general whom these forces unquestioningly obey.”

Cruella De Vil – Devilish Queen of Crime

“Known throughout her Mirrorverse world as the Queen of Crime, Cruella is infamous for her high-flying capers and daring escapades. And if any meddling dog do-gooders get too close, she carries a sonic disruptor that sends them running. This weapon is also handy for shattering Fractured, making her valuable as a Guardian whether the Guardians like it or not!:

Download Disney Mirrorverse from the App Store and Google Play.

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