Tributes Pour In For “GOAT,” “King,” “Powerhouse” Kim Jung Ji

by Tom Smithyman

Master artist Kim Jung Ji, known for his unique contributions to comics, illustration and pop art, died Monday of a heart attack in Paris. The 47-year-old Kim was on an extensive tour of Europe, and was preparing to board his flight to attend New York Comic Con, when he experience chest pains and was taken to the hospital, where he later passed.

“After finishing his last schedule in Europe, Jung Gi went to the airport to fly to New York, where he experienced chest pains and was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery, but sadly passed away,” wrote Hyun Jin Kim, an artistic partner. “After having done so much for us, you can now put down your brushes. Thank you Jung Gi.”

Born in 1975 in Goyang-Si, South Korea, Kim was part of his country’s special forces army unit, where he was able to learn a variety of weapons and vehicles, which would eventually make their way into his drawings. He became known for his live “drawing expositions,” in which drew incredibly complex scenes from memory. The sessions were frequently videoed and posted on social media channels.

Tributes began pouring in as news Kim’s death spread throughout the art community.

“The GOAT has left us,” wrote Adi Granov on Facebook. “Kim Jung Gi, once in a lifetime talent who reshaped our world. His ability reduced grown people to tears and his humility and humour were a joy.”

“This is such a huge loss to the art world,” Mark Brooks posted on Twitter. “He was so kind, generous, and talented.”

Greg Capullo posted this on Twitter: “What an incredible loss. Kim Jung Gi was…an artistic genius. This is stunningly sad news. R.I.P., King.”

“Kim Jung Gi was a human powerhouse with a seemingly endless drawing ability,” wrote Jimmy Palmiotti. “I will miss watching him draw live every San Diego.”

C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s editor-in-chief, posted: “Woke up to the tragic news of Kim Jung Gi’s passing. Still sitting here stunned. There was no one quite like him.” will be at New York Comic Con this week, where Kim would have been drawing, to cover additional tributes to Kim.

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