NYCC 2022: Stepping Inside Prime Video’s ‘The Peripheral’

by Tom Smithyman

From vendors hawking their wares to comic book publishers enticing would-be readers with new series, New York Comic Con is filled with exhibitors battling to get the attention of the throngs of convention-goers. One of the most eye-catching and intriguing booths at this year’s NYCC is The Peripheral Forever Fab 3D Print Shop.

Based on the novel by William Gibson, The Peripheral centers on Flynne Fisher, who enters the world of cyber reality. Throughout the story, Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz) must try to distinguish reality from cyber fiction.

The outside of the extensive booth appears as a strip mall outpost, but when guests walk inside, they are greeted to a number of small 3-D printed statues. These statues seem to play a bigger role as the series evolves.

Another room contains the printers themselves. One lucky guest (me in this case) is fitted with a headset, like the one in the series. I was supposed to eat some 3D printed candy beforehand, but I didn’t have time.

“That’s odd,” says the “technician” who fitted me with the helmet. Suddenly an alarm sounds, and we’re ushered into the next room. There a video plays showing massive versions of statues dominating the London cityscape 70+ years in the future.

As you walk out of the booth, you are encouraged to scan a QR code with a message from an unknown sender. “I need to contact you with a message from the future.” After inputting your contact information, you’ll receive a message with “vital” information about the future.

The first of eight episodes in The Peripheral’s first season debut October 21, 2022, on Amazon Prime.

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