NYCC 2022: IDW Announces Worf’s Return in `Star Trek: Defiant’

by Tom Smithyman

Fans of Worf, the first Klingon in Star Trek’s Starfleet, will rejoice at the news that their beloved warrior is returning to comic lore in the newly announced series Star Trek: Defiant.

Announced during a Trek in comic books panel at New York Comic Con, Saturday, Defiant will follow a curious cast of characters pulled from at least four of the franchise’s series. In addition to Worf, the book features the original series’ Spock; B’Elanna Torres from Star Trek: Voyager; Lore, Data’s brother from Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as Ro Laren, who was last seen joining the villainous Maquis.

With writer Chris Cantwell and artist Angel Unzueta, IDW Star Trek Editor Heather Antos “boasted” of stealing the creative team behind the most recent Iron Man series.

She didn’t reveal many other details, though, other than the series will spin out of the upcoming flagship Star Trek series, in which Worf will serve as tactical officer. Some conflict arises between the Klingon and his commanding officer – the returned-from-the-prophets Benjamin Sisko. Antos promised a character-driven story lurks in the shadows.

Flagship Trek writer Jackson Lanzing, who developed the idea with writing partner Collin Kelly, revealed that Worf ends up captaining the Defiant after stealing the ship. Given the pair’s writing responsibilities with the main series, they turned over the reins to Cantwell and Unzueta.

“We were unhinged to pitch it, but Chris has the most amazing command of unhinged characters,” Lanzing said.

New father Cantwell couldn’t make the panel, but tweeted after the announcement: “Join Worf, Spock, Ro, LORE (& more!) on a galactic manhunt.”

The new series will debut in March, and Antos hinted that crossovers are planned with the flagship series.

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