A Price On His Head: Previewing ‘Punisher: War Journal’ #1

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: Morry Hollowell, Leinil Francis Yu

Written by: Torunn Grønbekk
Art by: Rafael T. Pimentel

“OLD FRIENDS DIE HARD! Lady Bullseye failed. Lord Deathstrike failed. Every assassin sent to kill Frank fails. The leaders of the underworld — crime bosses, heads of terrorist organizations, and even a corrupt government or two come together to solve the growing problem of Frank Castle. Sharing intel, resources, and money, a collective underworld puts out a contract to kill Frank—eligible for anyone: assassins, mercenaries or smalltown crooks. The news ripples through the shadows of the world: $500 million to the person who takes down the Punisher. But there’s one face from his past…who’s in this hunt for more than money.”

Punisher: War Journal #1 is out Wednesday 12th October from Marvel

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