Advance Review: An Ending Of Sorts In `The Silver Coin’ #15

by Tom Smithyman


Series co-creator Michael Walsh pulls double duty on this issue as both writer and artist. It’s the last we’ll see of The Silver Coin for a while, as he raises his family. It’s a fitting ending – for now – of a consistently strong series.


Recurring characters in horror anthologies are difficult to come by. Of course, this series has its eponymous spare change that shows up in every issue. But this installment features a main character that readers have seen before, if only fleetingly.

Louis the firefighter found the coin in 1978 after a concert fire. We saw him again at the site of a diner fire a few issues back. Now issue #15 is dedicated to his story.

As it has with most of the other holders, the coin speaks to Louis. In his case, though, it’s unclear whether the coin is causing his madness or if it was always a part of him. In flashback, writer and artist Michael Walsh shows the darkness in Louis at an early age. He talks of pretending to be human, though he claims to be much more. One thing is certain: there is a monster within Louis, whether real or imagined.

The story, though, largely takes a back seat to Walsh’s illustrations. As one of the co-creators of the series, Walsh has served as artist for the entire run, even as the writers have changed from issue to issue. And we see why as the story unfolds.

The monster that lives inside Louis occasionally rears its ugly…body. But, of course, the damage he does as a human is much more lasting. And Walsh both writes and illustrates that in his typically chilling manner.

After 15 issues, Walsh provides an ending, of sorts, to the over-story of the coin. It’s borne out of practicality as he and his wife are expecting a child. In an epilogue to the issue, Walsh promises to be back eventually with more stories of his twisted world. If this series has taught us anything, it will be worth the wait.

The Silver Coin #15 will be available for purchase on October 19, 2022.

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