Law Comic Parody ‘Carlo Scolari: Attorney At Law’ Now Live On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

What happens when a money-loving lawyer convinces lab-accident supervillains to file personal injury suits instead? Find out in the new quirky comedy series Carlo Scolari: Attorney at Law #1, written by Kevin Doyle, with art by Mauricio Caballero and Lina Sanchez, colors by Fernando Caballero, and letters by Justin Birch

‘Terrible accidents keep happening at the Speculative Technologies Laboratory (Spec Tech). The victims of these accidents gain destructive powers and/or become horribly disfigured. As a result, they lash out in shock and rage until stopped by local hero, Excelsius, with local reporter Carmen Ortiz covering the story. Then an enterprising lawyer named Carlo Scolari convinces the latest accident victim, Ted Wainright, to file a personal injury suit against Spec Tech rather than go on the usual rampage of revenge.’

“I’ve always been amused by how science labs are depicted in comic books,” said Doyle. “I’ve worked in labs for my entire professional career, so when I see a lab accident in a comic book I can’t help noticing all  these poor safety practices and OSHA violations that led up to it. That led to the image of a Saul Goodman-esque personal injury lawyer making a tv commercial about these lab accidents, and the rest of the story developed from there. I really appreciate platforms like Kickstarter, because they give you the freedom to develop projects with niche, off beat premises like mine that may not fit more conventional publishers.”

“A lawyer that defends the super villians, you just (have) to give it a moment to realize the gigantic potential of funny moments and intricate plots that can come out of this,” added Caballero. “I absolutely want to see this materialize!”

Backer rewards kick in at the $5 ($3 Early Bird) level for a PDF of the book. Print editions can be had at the $12 ($10 Early Bird) level. At higher tiers, backers can secure various book bundles, a poster download, or cameo opportunities. Check out the campaign right here.

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