AfterShock Comics’ Announces ‘Bram Stoker Monster Hunter’

by Olly MacNamee

Bram Stoker Monster Hunter is the new series from writers Olivia Cuartero-Briggs and Adam Glass  – The writing team behind Mary Shelley Monster Hunter – artist Emilio Pilliu and letterer: Sal Cipriano. And coming out from AfterShock early next year.

Here’s more on the plot, more from the creators and a first look at art from the debut issue:

“Through memories spurred by Oscar Wilde’s 1895 gross indecency trial, a young and troubled Bram Stoker discovers there’s a secret hiding in his new workplace of Dublin Castle, one that will either end his life, or change it forever. 

Written by Olivia Cuartero-Briggs (SILVER CITY, MARY SHELLEY, MONSTER HUNTER) and Adam Glass (Suicide Squad, Teen Titans, ROUGH RIDERS), and illustrated by Emilio Pilliu (Monkeys, Evil Hunt: Mammauth), comes a new take on the origins of the most monstrous legend of them all – one that we dare you to sink your teeth into.” 

Olivia Cuartero-Briggs adds more:

“Bram Stoker Monster Hunter not only puts the famous author in the center of his own story – the epic novel, “Dracula” – but is an epic thriller/romance, spanning centuries, between two of the most famous writers in history, and the mythos they created.”

As for inspirations behind the book, y’know other than the obvious, Olivia Cuartero-Briggs explains:

“Oscar Wilde became an enormously influential figure during the research for this book. In fact, we use some of the actual transcripts from his horrific 1895, public trial for indecency – a.k.a. being gay – as a framing device for a lot of the story. Adam and I also love tackling current social issues in the Monster Hunter books, and when I discovered Bram Stoker was rumored to be gay, the issue of sexuality, acceptance, and loving who you love, no matter the cost – in both the late 19th century and the present – became a massive focal point.”

Plus, three reasons to pick up the book:

  1. It’s a beautiful story that will scare you, make you think, and make you cry. In fact, I cried several times while writing it.
  2. Emilio Pilliu’s illustrations are astounding, carrying both the tone and feel of the series, as well as the emotions of the characters in some truly profound ways. It’s just a gorgeous read.
  3. I’m pretty sure this is the best comic book series I’ve written, by far. Adam and I pumped a lot of big ideas into this book. We took a lot of chances, some super fun liberties with both history and the relevant literary canon, and stretched the limits of our imagination, to create a truly unique, powerful vampire story. I am so damn proud of us and this book, and I can’t wait for folks out there to experience it.

Cuartero-Briggs also gave us an insight into her approach to writing as a partnership:

“There isn’t a huge difference between solo comic book creation, and having a partner when it comes to the actual writing. Most of us who write in pairs don’t actually sit next to one another and write “together”. That would take forever, and as much as Adam and I love one another, we’d probably end up in a cage match doing that. For book one of this series, Adam and I did our own writing and gave one another notes until we felt confident in the draft. The biggest difference really is when it comes to conceptualizing the work and coming up with the story. That’s the most fun part. And when you get to brainstorm with a partner – particularly one like Adam, who is never, ever at a loss for killer ideas – it can really bring your work to a whole new level.”  

Finally, Adam Glass also has something to add:

“When Olivia and I started this journey so many years ago, we were just two writers thrilled about the idea of setting down the adventures of one of our favorite writers, Mary Shelley. After that beautiful experience, it occurred to us, what if we did this with all the masters of horror? Making the writer the hero of their own story. And here we are, telling you the story of Bram Stoker that you never knew you needed. So lovely to be back in the saddle with my partner in the macabre, Olivia Cuartero-Briggs.” 

Bram Stoker Monster Hunter #1 is out Wednesday 1st February 2023 from AfterShock Comics

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