Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Another round up of some of the more popular posts from the past week for your enjoyment. so, you know the drill: grab a drink and maybe some snacks, sit back, catch-up and relax.

  1. We had a trailer for Marvel’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 here, as posted by Brendan M Allen.
  2. Tony Thornley brought us the news that Peach Momoko’s Demon-Verse continues with new series, Demon Wars: Down in Flames, which you read all about here.
  3. Frank Martin kept himself very busy this week with TV reviews for the House of Dragons first season finale here, American Horror Story S11 Ep. 3 here, and Ep. 4 here, plus Star Wars: Andor S01 Ep.8 here, and The Handmaid’s Tale S05 Ep8. here.
  4. Plus, he even found time to post a commentary on Westworld, which has just been cancelled by HBO after four seasons. you can read his thoughts on the series here.
  5. Talking about cancellations, EiC Erik Amaya brought us the news that Stargirl has also been cancelled after three seasons. Read up about it here.
  6. Marvel has some big hitting previews this week with previews for Damage Control #3, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind #1, and my regular rundown of Star Wars comic book previews all making the list.
  7. Then we have our regular columns that remain popular with you, our readers. Both The ICE-Cast Live and Review Round Up make it on the list, and not for the first time.
  8. Also making the list was the news of The Dangerous Summer tour, as posted by Brendan Allen here.
  9. Koom Kankesan’s read through of Alan Moore’s Illuminations reviews ‘The Improbably Complex High-Energy State’ here.
  10. Finally, Gary Catig remind us that November 3rd was Godzilla Day with his post here.

And I’ll leave you with a little something extra this week and as it was Halloween at the start of the week I give you Marvel’s Midnight Suns animation short, tying in to the new video game of the same name, out December 2nd.

Travel back in time to the late 1600s to learn the Hunter’s tragic origin story, where a moment of weakness damned the entire world. Marvel’s Midnight Suns Prequel Shorts is a set of five short videos that reveal how Lilith became the Mother of Demons, and how Super Heroes like Blade, Magik, Ghost Rider and Nico Minoru came together to form the core of the Midnight Suns.


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