The Winter Soldier Comes To Marvel’s Avengers November 29th

by Sage Ashford

Marvel’s Avengers continues to add heroes to their collection of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with James Barnes, the Winter Soldier, coming in their 2.7 update on November 29th. The Winter Soldier becomes the twelfth Avenger added to the roster, following Jane Foster’s Thor in July.

Crystal Dynamics talks more about Bucky’s role in the upcoming 2.7 update:

“Scott Porter joins our expanding Avengers’ cast as Cap’s old sidekick: James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes, The Winter Soldier, who has escaped captivity and rejoined his friend and allies. Scott is well known from Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie, Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and reprises the role of Bucky from Lego Marvel’s Avengers. We can’t wait for you to see his take on The Winter Soldier, and you’ll first hear his work in our upcoming Winter Soldier motion comic.

The product of a Soviet black science program, The Winter Soldier emerged as a master assassin. He adds to the roster an almost purely assault-focused hero focused on dealing damage to his enemies in a variety of ways. Players will find multiple different builds and playstyles to embody that character fantasy, from the ranged marksman to an expert hand-to-hand combatant, to the deadly super-soldier.

While echoes of Bucky’s past training partners like Captain America and Black Widow can be seen in some of his move-set, he has made them his own and combined them with skills that flow from his Winter Soldier indoctrination and his cybernetic enhancements. Players will find all new animations, a new full skill tree, and heroic abilities all his own when they enter a mission as the Winter Soldier.

Winter Soldier will also launch with his own heroic mission chain that sees the Avengers help him regain his confidence in his capacity for good and deal with the trauma inflicted on him by his captors. Players that complete the mission chain will be rewarded with Bucky’s iconic outfit.”

Also in update 2.7 will be the long-awaited Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat, where players will team up to face MODOK once again in a high-level raid. The Cloning Labs will require Power Level 175, and raise the current cap to 185.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC.

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