Preview: Get In The Spirit With ‘Stranger Things Holiday Specials’ TPB

by Brendan M. Allen

Dark Horse Books has revealed a preview of Stranger Things Holiday Specials TPB, out Wednesday from writers Michael Moreci, Chris Roberson, and Keith Champagne, artists Todor Hristov, ABEL, and Caio Filipe, and colorists Chris O’Halloran, DJ Chavis, and Dan Jackson.

‘Get the first three Stranger Things Holiday Specials all in one package. With stories that are both heartwarming and terrifying. Three separate stories good for any season: Eleven gets introduced to everyone’s favorite Christmas stories. Will tells the other boys the scariest Hawkins Halloween story ever, and officers Powell and Callahan investigate strange events they will be lucky to survive.’

Collects the Halloween Special, Winter Special, and Summer Special.

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