More ‘Best Of 2000 AD’ Thrill Power Coming January 2023

by Richard Bruton

Want to get into 2000 AD but don’t know how? Well, the second volume of the excellent Best of 2000 AD is the perfect entry point!

Becky Cloonan regular cover


It took a while to happen, what with the whole plague thing going on the last couple of years, but when the first volume of the new Best of 2000 AD series of six graphic novel sized anthologies came out in September, it was an instant sell-out, going to reprint two weeks before publication and hitting #3 on the list of the UK’s best-selling graphic novels.

With a mix of material from the entire 45-year history of 2000 AD – classic cuts, modern epics, long and short tales designed to showcase the best of one of Britain’s finest comics – it is the perfect entry point for anyone who’s ever wondered just what the big deal is over the comic.

Brink by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard

And now, announced as coming out in January 2023 (which, shockingly, is just around the corner) and available for pre-order right now at your local comic shop, we have Volume 2 of The Best of 2000 AD.

Take your pick from the retail edition cover by Becky Cloonan or the exclusive cover for the 2000 AD webshop by Charlie Adlard, and then enjoy a collection of modern classics and cuts from the long history of 2000 AD by some of the biggest names in comics.

ABC Warriors by Alan Moore and Steve Dillon

In this volume, there’s plenty of action with double Judge Dredd, featuring something modern with a hunt for untraceable assassins firing ‘Magic Bullets’ by Al Ewing and Colin Wilson and a classic from John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Mick McMahon withThe Vampire Effect’.

There’s classic work from Alan Moore, Steve Dillon, and John Higgins with ABC Warriors: Red Planet Blues and a graphic novel length introduction to the Gothic masterpiece Nemesis The Warlock by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. Plus you’ll find the second part of the serialisation of the brilliant modern epic Brink Book One by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard and more from D.R. & Quinch’s Agony Page by Jamie Delano and Alan Davis.

It’s 200+ pages of fabulous thrill power, the perfect way to get into all this 2000 AD goodness that we tell you about in The Weekly 2000 AD every week here at Comicon!

Judge Dredd: Magic Bullets – by Al Ewing and Colin Wilson
Brink Book One, part two – by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard
Nemesis the Warlock: Book One – by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill
A.B.C. Warriors: Red Planet Blues – by Alan Moore, Steve Dillon, and John Higgins
Judge Dredd: The Vampire Effect – by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Mick McMahon
2000 AD webs shop exclusive cover by Charlie Adlard

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