Dynamite Announces Plans For The Facsimile Edition Of 1995’s ‘Gargoyles’ #1

by Erik Amaya

When Dynamite’s new Gargoyles series was announced in July, it was part of plan to also reprint and replicate some of the original 1990s Gargoyles comics. And with the first issue of the new series on stands — and reportedly flying off of them — the company has formalized part of the reprint effort.

As announced on Friday, Gargoyles #1 Facsimile Edition will debut in February 2023. Originally published by Marvel Comics in 1995, the issue was the first of an 11-part series with Martin Pasko and Mort Todd on scripting duties and artists like Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Grant Miehm, and Alberto Saichann contributing work to the interiors and covers. But for the first issue, a young Joe Madureira (with Palmiotti) depicted four of the title characters perched above a New York building, readying for a fight.

Copies of the original first issue fetch surprising amounts on the secondary market, making the reprint and reproduction effort a worthy way for fans of the original Gargoyles animated series to read the stories as they were presented over 25 years ago.

Gargoyles #1 Facsimile Edition arrives in stores this coming February.

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