Art For Art’s Sake #186: Howard Chaykin’s Got ‘A Study In Scarlet’ And More

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, a weekly celebration of the ninth art, ending this week with a look at Howard Chaykin’s Study in Scarlet.

Okay then, off we go… starting with Nicolas Amiard, manipulating the art of many famous cartoonists for an important message:

Each year during the summer, around 100,000 pets suddenly become unwanted and abandoned in France.

(Via Phillippe Bousquet)

Now, a few wonderful bits of comic art to brighten your weekend…

Thor by Alan Davis

Dave Johnson – Corto Maltese

Darwyn Cooke – FF

Mary Fleener

Jaime Hernandez – who else?

Joost Swarte

Kevin Nowlan – Madman

Kyle Baker – his much loved, way underrated Plastic Man

Paul Pope – Catwoman

Dave McKean – cover to Violent Cases

Conan – Barry Windsor-Smith

Brian Bolland – Riddler

Bill Sienkiewicz – Harley and the Bat

Babs Tarr – Gotham Girls

Jamie Hewlett – Tank Girl

Eduardo Risso – Wonder Woman

Will Eisner’s Spirit

Paul Smith – DD and Manhunter…


And we shall end with the great Howard Chaykin and his A Study in Scarlet Limited Edition Portfolio (Middle Earth, 1976).

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