First Look At ‘Invincible Undeluxe’ #1: Kicking Off Invincible’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

by Olly MacNamee

As previously reported, Skybound/Image Comics will be celebrating Invincible’s 20th anniversary. And, ahead of the Holiday shutdown, Skybound have unveiled a first look at the Invincible Undeluxe #1 one-shot. A comic that reprints the debut of the aforementioned superhero, but stripped of its colour and reprinted in black and white. Written by Robert Kirkman, with art by Cory Walker and later by Ryan Ottley,  Invincible Undeluxe #1 returns to comic shops with three exclusive new releases on January 25th, 2023.

And those other two releases will be:

  • Invincible #1 Facsimile Edition which reprints the highly sought-after first issue in full color to give fans one more chance to own this piece of entertainment history.
  • Invincible Compendium Vol.1 HC, a brand-new hardcover collecting issues #0-47 of your favorite superhero comic. An exclusive to comic shops “in honor of their support from day one for Mark Grayson, Omni-Man, Atom Eve and all your other favorite characters in the Invincible Universe.”

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