Preview: Lifelong Friendship Put To The Test In ‘Paper Planes’ TPB

by Brendan M. Allen

Mad Cave Studios has revealed a preview of Paper Planes TPB, scheduled for release in May from writer Jennie Wood, artist Dozerdraws, and letterer Micah Myers.

Leighton Worthington and Dylan Render have always been inseparable, but when they’re both shipped off to a summer camp for troubled youth in the aftermath of a tragic event, their lifelong friendship is put to the test. Neither ‘chose’ to be there, but they’ll need a positive evaluation from the camp to avoid being sent away, so they can continue attending high school with their friends.

The challenges of camp pushes the once-inseparable Dylan and Leighton onto personal journeys of self-discovery that force them to re-examine the incident that threatens their futures, explore the friendship they have shared for so long, and discover the type of person each of them truly wants to be.

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