Third Helpings Of ‘Second Coming’ From AHOY Comics

by Olly MacNamee

AHOY Comics have announced that Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk’s religious satire, Second Coming, is getting a third series. A “threequel” if you like, and coming appropriately enough this April, just a few days before Easter and entitled Second Coming: Trinity.

“You welcomed Jesus with open arms in SECOND COMING. You marveled at his miraculous return in SECOND COMING: ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. Now the book that turned the comics industry upside-down with “quite a bit of humor…[and] a lot of heart” (The New York Times) is back for its third act with SECOND COMING: TRINITY. Written and co-created by 2022 Eisner winner Mark Russell (Not All Robots, BILLIONAIRE ISLAND) with art by co-creator Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk, SECOND COMING: TRINITY finds Jesus Christ, the Son of God, tackling his biggest challenge in 2000 years: babysitting a child with super powers! Meanwhile, his roommate—the superhero called Sunstar—faces his greatest enemy, and his own guilt, in a court of law. The first issue of the news series lands in stores this spring and will feature a cover by Richard Pace as well as a variant cover by Howard Chaykin (American Flagg!, Hey Kids! Comics!).”

AHOY Editor in Chief Tom Peyer tantalisingly says of this imminent return of Christ:

“If you haven’t read a SECOND COMING series and you think you know what it is, I guarantee you do not. The high concept of ‘What if Jesus lived with a superhero?’ is an arresting one, but it doesn’t begin to suggest what a wise, kind, and funny piece of work its creators have given us.”

Mark Russell added:

“So much of what I’d planned from the beginning for the story of Sunstar and his roommate Christ happens in the upcoming fourth series, so I’m really glad we’ve made it this far. The biggest moments of this series are still ahead.”

Editor Sarah Litt also added:

“I’m really excited to join this team. And I’m excited for the reader to meet the newest member of the family.”

Richard Pace also had a few words to say to whet the appetite:

“For the fans who’ve been waiting for that full issue fight between God and Sunstar, I’ve got some bad news for you…”

Got it? Good. I just pray you can all get a copy of the debut issue.

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