Advance Review: Beating The Hell Out Of Demons In `Exorcists Never Die’ #1

by Tom Smithyman


With a ton of action and just the right amount of background, this first issue introduces us to a pair of combat exorcists who are trying to stop a soul action from happening. It’s a strong start for a series with a pair of unlikely heroes.


From nearly the first page, Exorcists Never Die starts off with some intense action, which never really ends until this premiere issue has concluded. Then again, what else would you expect from a couple of so-called combat exorcists.

No, these are not some elderly Catholic priests grasping their rosary beads and throwing holy water onto possessed folks. Rather they invoke potestate (Latin for power) flows and the power of angels – along with some old-fashioned fisticuffs send demons back to Hell.

Exorcists Syd and Ellen have infiltrated the Hellscraper, a massive building where thousands of souls are up for auction. We don’t yet know who is selling them but the buyers include the seven deadly sins. And one of the seven, Sloth, is the key villain in this first chapter.

To make the story even juicer, writer Steve Orlando hints at a romantic past between Syd and Ellen. While the characters’ backstory is presented slowly, we are treated to flashbacks of the pair earlier in their careers. Ellen believes Syd stole a promotion from her. Doesn’t he know that’s against the Ten Commandments?

Artist Sebastian Piriz does yeoman’s work in filling in pages of action sequences. He makes great use of splash pages to illustrate the enormity of the challenge the pair are up against. And the battle with Sloth, who slows down is opponents, is particularly effective given that it’s on the printed page. Piriz works well with Orlando’s style; the two complement each other quite well.

First issues can be difficult storytelling traps. Present too much exposition, and the story gets weighed down. All action means the reader doesn’t get to know or care about the characters. This creative team has struck the right balance and should have readers coming back for more.

Exorcists Never Die #1 will be available for purchase on April 12, 2023.

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