James Gunn And Peter Safran Outline “Chapter One” Of DC Studios’ Film And TV Slate

by Erik Amaya

Another DC Rebirth is on the way courtesy of DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran. As announced early on Tuesday, the first chapter of their realigned DC Cinematic Universe — seemingly called, simply, the DCU — will focus on gods and monsters. Starting with a new Superman film, it will quickly slide into a number of surprising character introductions and, finally, a starring role for Viola Davis‘s Amanda Waller.

Per a Warner Bros. Pictures press release, the new DC era begins on July 11th, 2025 with Superman: Legacy. The film will see a new, younger Clark reconciling with his “Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing.” The script comes courtesy of Gunn, but it is unclear if he will direct the film. The other newly announced film projects include the following:

  • The Authority – WildStorm characters will join the DCU as members of The Authority take matters into their own hands to do what they believe is right
  • The Brave and the Bold – the DCU will introduce its Batman and Robin in this unusual father-son story inspired by Grant Morrison’s comic series
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – this science fiction adventure, which will be based on Tom King’s amazing, award-winning recent comics stories, presents a Supergirl viewers are not used to seeing
  • Swamp Thing – the film will investigate the dark origins of Swamp Thing

Of these, we’re floored to see Swamp Thing rise from the muck once again. His previous features were fun if not exactly good, so it will be interesting to see how Gunn and his partners shape the guardian of the Green into a bankable film character. The Authority is also a surprise as those characters were born to be the anti-DC supergroup.

Meanwhile, in the realm of TV, the plan is to run two new series a year on HBO Max. The programs in development are:

  • Creature Commandos – a seven-episode animated show in which Amanda Waller creates a black ops team out of monstrous prisoners; Gunn wrote all the episodes of the first season
  • Waller – starring Viola Davis, this series features Team Peacemaker and will be written by Christal Henry (Watchmen) and Jeremy Carver (Supernatural)
  • Booster Gold – Booster Gold uses basic technology from the future to pretend to be a superhero in present day
  • Lanterns – this enormous TV event series follows intergalactic cops John Stewart and Hal Jordan as they uncover a dark mystery
  • Paradise Lost ­– set in Themyscira, home of the Amazons and birthplace of Wonder Woman, this drama focuses on the genesis and political intrigue of an island of all women

The variety of ideas and themes is refreshing, from the political drama of Paradise Lost to the presumed Gunn-like goofiness of Booster Gold. We’re also glad to see Davis finally taking a commanding lead in the DCU after so many cameo appearances. We’re also glad to see Carver sticking with DC following the cancellation of Doom Patrol.

There are a few other DC relates projects, like The Batman and Joker sequels, that will be deemed as Elseworlds projects outside of the main DCU. We don’t know if there will be specific branding to make this clear to audiences less familiar with DC’s answer to What If…?, but we’re glad the term is being used to set these projects apart from the mainline DC live action universe. Other programs like Harley Quinn, children’s shows, and the direct-to-video animated film range will also be considered Elseworlds.

Short of a definitive plan for Wonder Woman’s future, the slate is strong and we definitely hope Gunn and Safran can pull of the seeming impossible: making this all work.

The new DCU beings July 11th, 2025.

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