The Tribulation Events Begin In ‘Avengers’ #1 First Look

by Tony Thornley

On May 17, the Avengers are about to begin one of their most unique adventures yet. Seven of Earth’s mightiest are about to get a glimpse of the future, and in this preview, we will too.

Coming from Jed MacKay, CF Villa, and Federico Blee, Avengers #1 brings together a classic team with a new mission. The Tribulation Events were first referenced in December’s Timeless, a prelude to this series. They’re a series of events that could lead to the end of the universe. The series begins with Captain Marvel and six of her closest allies all receiving visions of the events. And it all starts with an attack from classic Avengers foe TERMINUS.

“For me it’s about a question of scale – the bulk of my work has been on the scrappy, weirdo, street-level end where a guy with a mask and some goons is a major problem,” MacKay explained to in an exclusive interview. “With Avengers, we’re looking at not one, but seven people who work at a much larger scale than Black Cat, Taskmaster or Moon Knight do, and in a much bigger and louder way than Doctor Strange and Clea. So, going into Avengers, I’ve been restructuring how I look at a comic book- the stakes are higher, the threats are bigger, and the heroes are Earth’s Mightiest.”

Check out the first interior art from Villa, as well as several of the covers from Stuart Immonen, Kael Ngu, Paul Smith, Daniel Acuna, Derrick Chew, and John Tyler Christopher

Be sure to watch for more covers and interior art, and be sure to pick up Avengers #1 on May 17th.

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