Something For The Weekend: Your Weekly Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Here’s this weekend’s rundown of some of the more popular posts we’ve share with you over the past week. We hope you enjoy ’em. A shorter list than usual, but that’s more a reflection on my busy but fun weekend.

  1. Dominating this week’s list is Frank Martin with good few TV reviews. His review of National Treasure: Edge of History S01 Ep.10 can be read here.
  2. The Velma season finale can be caught up on here.
  3. And, Star Wars: Bad Batch S02 Ep. 7 can be read here.
  4. Russell Dauterman draws the cover for Scarlet Witch #5. Read more here.
  5. And, lastly for this week, DC Comics is to relaunch The Brave and The Bold again, this time as an anthology. More details here.

Okay, before I dash I’m going to leave you with a rather contentious video. This video, presenting a series of AI created images and threaded together as some kind of imagined Superman series from the fifties, will no doubt simply fuel the current debate over AI and such platforms as Midjourney. And while it would seem many comic book creators are dead against it, others seem to be embracing it as another tool in their arsenal. What’s your take?


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