Journey Through A Perilous Realm Of The Afterlife In ‘Etheres’ From Source Point Press

by Brendan M. Allen

Source Point Press has announced the release of Etheres, a brand new one-shot from Syrian writer Anas Abdulhak, artist Dennis Menheere, and letterer DC Hopkins. Dropping March 22, 2023, Etheres tells the poetic tale of a woman’s journey through an unknown and perilous realm of the afterlife. 

Following her passing, Valerie finds herself navigating a mysterious world known as Etheres– a realm where souls go when they don’t belong anywhere else. Valerie is accompanied by The Creature, a foreboding and taunting figure who guides her through this unknown realm. Valerie’s journey unfolds through poetic narration as she experiences her surroundings, recalling her past life, her trauma, and why she believes she deserves to be there.

“This story is deeply personal for me as death has unfortunately been something I’m all too familiar with,” said Abdulhak. “Like many Syrians, I’ve had to deal with the loss of people we love. We’ve had to learn how to reckon with the looming threat of death, which inevitably brings up a lot of questions about the afterlife… What lies after, where we belong. Whether we’ve been good enough or if we’ve done enough. Those are themes I really wanted to touch upon and explore in Etheres”

“As a comic book reader, I tend to enjoy characters that I can relate to,” added Menheere. “I want to read a story that tackles issues I deal with – – issues we all deal with to a certain extent.” Said Dennis. “Anas’ work speaks to me on a personal level, and when I read the script for Etheres I wholeheartedly wanted to do it justice – I wanted to compliment Anas’ voice, and help get Valerie through her ordeal. Shape the realm she journeys through, make readers feel what she feels. Harrowing darkness and blinding colors. Just my thing!”




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