House Of X: Previewing This Week’s ‘X-Men’ Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Three titles to share previews for this week; X-Men #20, X-23: Deadly Regenesis #1 and New Mutants: Lethal Legion #1, all out Wednesday 8th March from Marvel.

X-Men #20

Written by: Gerry Duggan
Art by: Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee

When the X-Men’s close friend Broo became the Brood King, he gained the ability to control the savage alien race he was both a part of and so different from. Now he is experiencing his own nightmare scenario—the Brood are killing his friends, and there is nothing he can do to stop it!

Cover by: David Curiel, Juan Frigeri

X-23: Deadly Regenesis #1

Written by: Erica Schultz
Art by: Edgar Salazar

ASSASSIN OR X-MAN? THE DEADLY DAYS OF X-23! Laura Kinney, A.K.A. X-23, was cloned from Logan and trained by the Facility to be a deadly assassin. Even as she tries to put that life behind her, forces will try to drag her back—and she’ll fight them tooth and claw! Beset by new enemies—as well as old favorites—this series follows X-23 during her days as a member of the X-Men and X-Force when she walked away from the island of Utopia to find where she truly belongs. Don’t miss this all-new story in the fan-favorite saga of Laura Kinney!

Cover by: Kalman Andrasofszky

New Mutants: Lethal Legion #1

Written by: Charlie Jane Anders
Art by: Enid Balam, Elisabetta D’Amico, Matt Milla

THE NEW, NEW MUTANTS—WITH ALL THE CLASSIC THRILLS! Best-selling, multiple-award-winning, generally bedazzling writer Charlie Jane Anders launches a fresh take on the beloved team, with rising star Enid Balám behind the illustrious pencils! The Shadow King. U-Men. Demon Bear. Themselves. The New Mutants have faced some of the most cunning minds in the Marvel Universe—and survived. But when someone starts building a new Lethal Legion, will Krakoa’s youngest class finally be outmatched? Featuring fan-favorites like Wolfsbane and Karma alongside explosive newcomers like Escapade, this is a series you can’t miss! Everything leads to the Fall of X—don’t sleep on the start.

Cover by: Javier Fernandez

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