Stephanie Hans Is The Next Artist To Contribute Connecting Covers For ‘The Walking Dead Deluxe’ From Skybound

by Olly MacNamee

Stephanie Hans has been revealed as the latest artist to contribute interlocking covers to The Walking Dead Deluxe coinciding with the next story-arc of the landmark comic series,

These all-new variant covers will adorn full colour The Walking Dead Deluxe #61-66, from writer/creator Robert Kirkman, artist by Charlie Adlard and colourist Dave McCaig. Plus, the exclusive “Cutting Room Floor” commentary by Kirkman, celebrating the secret history of the series.

Here’s Amanda LaFranco, Editor, Skybound Entertainment with more:

“Stephanie came up with this awesome idea for a cover set right off the bat, and I knew from the start it would be really special, but I didn’t imagine how beautiful and haunting the final piece would be. These connecting six covers capture just about every emotion The Walking Dead is known for evoking and Stephanie does an incredible job capturing the tension and chilling atmosphere of this iconic, “Fear the Hunters” storyline.” 

The Walking Dead Deluxe #61 will be available on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 from Skybound/Image Comics.

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