Top Cow Shares A Lettered Preview For Climate Apocalypse Comic Book ‘Haunt You To The End’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Earlier this week, we helped announce the new climate apocalypse sci-fi series, Haunt You To The End, from Skybound, writer Ryan Cady and artist Andrea Mutti. And now Skybound have offered up a lettered preview for the first issue, out Wednesday June 14th.

Here’s a reminder of the plot:

“Within this The Day After Tomorrow meets The Haunting of Hill House-esque world that Cady and Mutti created, readers will go on an expedition with a motley crew of characters—from a tech billionaire, a Catholic priest, a Sarah Connor-like military contractor-turned-explorer, uniformed military contractors, and one washed up journalist—to prove that there is life after death. But together, the reader will discover with the characters that there are deeper horrors.”

And, here’s the updated preview pages, now with letters by Frank Cvetkovic:

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