House Of X: Previewing This Week’s New ‘X-Men’ Releases

by Olly MacNamee

Four new X-Men titles coming out this Wednesday 29th March, and all previewed for you below:

X-Men: Unforgiven #1

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Sid Kotian, Edgar Delgado

MUTANTS…OR MONSTERS? Beaten, broken and bruised after the destruction of SPIDER-MAN: UNFORGIVEN, the FORGIVEN desperately need a break…but, of course, there ain’t no rest for the wicked. Body parts have mysteriously started washing up on the coast of Maine…and these extraneous organs call for help from the extraordinary X-MEN! But with former bloodsucker JUBILEE in tow, the team is risking more than they know…

Cover by: Kyle Hotz

Sabretooth & the Exiles #5

Written by: Victor LaValle
Art by: Leonard Kirk, Rain Beredo

CREED VS. CREED! The EXILES are exiled, and it’s down to CREED VS. CREED—mano a mano, claw to claw and one of this year’s BIGGEST SURPRISES in X-canon!

Cover by: Ryan Stegman, Frank Martin, J. P. Mayer

Deadpool #5

Written by: Alyssa Wong
Art by: Martín Cóccolo, Neeraj Menon

CARNAGE BREAKS LOOSE! Oh—did we not mention that the thing growing inside of Wade was Carnage? Because it is. And he’s extremely done with hitching a ride with Wade and WANTS OUT NOW. Brace yourself, Wade—you’re about to get ripped a new one!

Cover by: Martín Cóccolo, Neeraj Menon

Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain #2

Written by: Tini Howard
Art by: Vasco Georgiev, Erick Arciniega

TWO CAPTAINS—ONE COUNTRY—AND ONE HELL OF A FIGHT! Britain has a new champion—but don’t be mistaken, she’s been here for years. Morgan Le Fay is back for vengeance, and Captain Britain is first on her list! But where one captain fails, another may suffice…and Peggy Carter’s got a right hook that would inspire the devil herself. Magical machinations and feral fisticuffs abound in Tini Howard and Vasco Georgiev’s continuing epic!

Cover by: Matt Wilson, Erica D’Urso

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