Review: ‘Gargoyles’ #4 Shows Improvements

by Benjamin Hall


The Gargoyles patrol New York every night. However, this specific night danger may come for them. Will it be just out on release Dino Dracon of the Dracon crime family they have to face? If not, then who or what will be posing a problem for Goliath and Hudson?


Covers A, I, Q, and R are by artist David Nakayama. All four covers feature an image of Goliath that while high quality in execution is rather generic.

Artist Amanda Conner is responsible for covers B, H, M, S, and ZB. These covers divide between two images. The first visual is on B, S, and ZB and looks much better than the second one finds on H and M. This is primarily due to the differences in line work. Yet, there is a story that one can infer from both images. Thus, each image has something to it.

Gargoyles #4 (2023) cover B by Amanda Conner

Variant covers C, N, and X feature the same visual image by artist Lucio Parrillo. Unfortunately, the amount of realism hurts the chances of getting a wide range of buyers.

Artist Lesley “Leirix” Li is the creator responsible for the image on covers D, O, and Z. Due to the trade dress the former and lattermost of the three work, but O’s lacking it makes it look like a poster.

Cover artist Jae Lee creates some great dynamic tension between Goliath and a nameless villainous Quarryman on variants E, P, and W. While colorist June Chung provides a relatively good color palette for E and P, but not W which is a line art version.

The single image for covers F, L, and V is by art team Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner. Despite being a bit too standard Disney for the dog the colors and line work are fantastic.

Cover K features an action figure image by artist Brent Schoonover and colorist Alberto Silva. While the recreation of the packaging elements, including the hues, are fine the perspective of the figure could be better.

Artist Ken Haeser provides the image one finds on covers T, U, and ZA. It is a somewhat generic design Lexington with the faces of other characters in the background.

Gargoyles #4 Cover F by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner

Illustrator George Kambadais provides nice, consistent lines. Kambadais also does well with pacing the book via the page layouts. There are also some nice moments that almost feel like animation due to the effects Kambadais employs. He also is responsible for the image on covers G, J, and Y. Unfortunately, this image features way too close a view of the characters.

Letterer Jeff Eckleberry assists the sequencing of events by expertly placing the various text elements. Though why Eckleberry has to provide a repeat of the creative credits is a mystery.

The colorists from the production company Arancia Studio provide a great range of hues. Also they do some nice work enhancing the suggestions of light and shadow.

Writer Greg Weisman arguably delivers a stronger script than in previous issues of this series. One of the things that makes it better is a focus on certain characters versus the entire ensemble. Though it helps that there is also a sequencing of the A to B style plots. This sequencing allows for each plot line to see some exploration. Finally Weisman, with help from Eckleberry and Kambadais, does a good job with characterization.

Gargoyles #4 is out now from Dynamite Entertainment.

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