Turn-Based RPG ‘Wrestle Story’ Announced

by Sage Ashford

Developer Tic Toc Games has announced Wrestle Story, a new turn-based RPG focused on the world of wrestling.  If this sounds familiar, no it’s not quite the same as WrestleQuest, a 2D wrestling RPG where players take on the role of wrestling toys.

In Wrestle Story, the player is in a 3D world where they can create an entirely customizable protagonist and travel throughout the Five Territories to establish their name. As is fitting with an RPG, players collect their own party, the wrestling equivalent of forming one’s own faction. In battle, they can work with members of their group to enact powerful tag-team attacks.

Though Wrestle Story doesn’t have a release date yet, it’s scheduled to release on Steam, where players can wishlist it now.

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