Kickstarting Comics: ‘This Comic Is Haunted 2’

by Richard Bruton

It’s time for a little bit of a chill to head down your spine with the Kickstarter return of the 77 Publications’ This Comic Is Haunted

Paul McCaffrey’s cover for the standard edition of This Comic Is Haunted


We’ve already told you about the 77’s recent announcement concerning Ian Gibson’s Lifeboat, one of their biggest projects to date, well now it’s time to dive into their latest Kickstarter for the second issue of This Comic Is Haunted for a little spine-tingling horror.

The first issue was a successful Kickstarter back in 2022, and this second issue keeps things going down the same petrifying path toward fear and fright.

Lee Milmore’s cover for the variant edition


It’s all curated and edited by the 77’s Dave Heeley and Andrew Richmond and there’s plenty of material from a load of talented folks in the Brit Comics scene, including writers Alan Hebden, David Thomas, John Short, Dave Heeley, and Jo Heeley, and it’s all illustrated in nightmarish style by the likes of Ian Stopforth, Andrew Richmond, Lew Stringer, Mark Marren, Lee Milmore, Paul McCaffrey, and Ade Hughes.

Lots of reading, lots of horrors to get your fangs into, and of course a host of rewards and tiers to pick from.

So, first here’s what’s going to be inside this second issue, with some new material and some continuing from the first issue…

The Lodger part 2 – Jo Heeley & Ian Stopforth


The Only One – Christopher Davidson & Ade Hughes


Bones of Winter part 2 – Mark Marren (Character design)


Welcome to Grey Phantom’s Haunted History by David Thomas and Andrew Richmond


Drummer from Hell part 2 – Alan Hebden & Lee Milmore (image from part 1)


Grey Phantom by Simon Hall


Additionally, not pictured, there’s these three strips – Short Sharp Shocks by Lew StringerFML by Dave Heeley & Paul McCaffrey, and Van Helsing’s Tale by John Short & Chris Askham.

As far as the rewards go for This Comic Is Haunted, there’s a load to choose from… starting off with the basic comics with the standard cover by Paul McCaffrey and the variant cover by Lee Milmore.

After that, you’ve got art cards, sketches, an exclusive t-shirt, original artwork from the comic from Ian Stopforth and Lee Milmore, and art commissions. And of course, there’s everything already put out from the 77 Publications available as add-ons, including both versions of the first issue of This Comic Is Haunted. You can see a selection of what’s on offer below.

The Kickstarter for This Comic Is Haunted runs until Sunday April 16 2023.

Find out more about the 77 Publications at their website and you can shop with them here.

Commission Lew Stringer to draw a zombie, vampire, werewolf or Frankenstein monster versions of Sgt. Shouty, Combat Colin or Brick Man!


Jo Heeley’s A5 colour ‘Matango’ and/or ‘Mushroom Folk’ sketches


ACEO’s by 77 Publications debutant, Simon Hall


Cover artist Paul McCaffrey’s 6 ACEOs


Andrew Sawyers convention sketches


Laurence Alison sketches


This T-shirt is Haunted! – design by Lee Milmore


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