Preview: Jess Fink’s Sexy-Victorian Steam-Punk Robo-Love Story ‘Chester 5000’

by Richard Bruton

Jess Fink‘s Chester XYV gets a hardcover deluxe new edition – sexy Victorian robo antics have never read so sweetly!


Today, time for a look at Chester 5000 XYV, Jess Fink‘s erotic, robotic, Victorian romance tale that comes out in a hardback, deluxe edition, with a new cover and enhanced artwork, from Top Shelf on 27th June 2023.

Now, a warning for you – Chester 5000 XYV might be wonderfully sweet, a lovely romance tale, quirky and delightful, but it’s also a VERY ADULTS-ONLY thing. Now, I won’t be sharing any of the more explicit artwork here in the preview, but the links to Jess’ webcomic version means you will see rude things.

Okay, warning over, now let’s get to telling you all about Chester 5000 XYV!



First of all, an admission – I borrowed the ‘sexy-Victorian steam-punk robo-love story’ line I used in the title of this from Lucy Knisley’s quote. Simply because it’s absolutely perfect! Here’s the whole thing…

“Is there any finer thing than a gorgeously drawn and visually engaging sexy-Victorian steam-punk robo-love story? Chester 5000 is absolutely wonderful, like it was custom-built for your (reading) pleasure.” – Lucy Knisley, author of Relish

I absolutely agree! Chester 5000 really is a wonderful thing, a delightful rom-com thing of repressed Victorian desires that all of a sudden, thanks to a very special robot, aren’t all that repressed anymore.

It’s completely silent – well, apart from some particularly inventive sound effects [VERT!] – and beautifully written and drawn by Fink. Sure, it’s erotic, it’s explicit, but that’s always as a quite natural result of great storytelling. Essentially it’s a whimsical, funny, and fabulous love story that doesn’t cut away when those involved get carried away with passion.


Here’s Top Shelf’s PR for it…

“1885: an age of industrial revolution and sexual frustration. Pricilla is a woman with needs, and her inventor husband, Robert, is a little too busy with his experiments to keep her fully satisfied. Science to the rescue! With a few gears and springs, the proper appendages, a little lubrication, and a lot of love, Chester 5000 is born! He’s the perfect tool for the job… but what if Chester is more than just a machine? What are the consequences of trying to engineer love?”

Yep, that’s covered it.

Like it says, Priscilla and Robert are having marital problems, mostly because Robert’s just too obsessed with his science to pay her the attention she wants.

One of Robert’s inventions is Chester 5000, the perfect robo-companion, intending to be a companion for Priscilla… in every way. But in the way of these things, will Robert really be able to cope with what Priscilla and Chester are getting up to? And what about when the unthinkable happens and the sex turns into something sweeter and altogether more threatening?


Chester 5000 is just such a sweet, romantic thing, beautifully drawn in tones by Fink, a perfect steampunky romance with a difference. It’s sexy without ever feeling smutty, the storytelling is always the thing driving the sex, and it’s exactly what good erotic comics should be.

Chester 5000 (Book 1) by Jesse Fink — new edition with updated artwork

On sale June 27th

You can find all of Chester 5000 online, including Book 2, the prequel storyline, Isabel & George, at Fink’s own Chester 5000 website. And of course, for more Jess Fink, see her website!

So now, a little preview… all nicely safe for work…

First of all, Chester’s introduction…


And later, after Priscilla’s discovered just a little of what Chester’s capable of…

And even further on, the two lovers take a trip out to the park…

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