Preview: ‘The Essential Judge Anderson: Shamballa’ – THE Classic Anderson Tale Joins The Essential Series

by Richard Bruton

You’ve already seen the Essential Judge Dredd series, now it’s time for Cassandra Anderson, Mega-City One’s Finest Psi-Judge To Get Hers.

We’ve told you of this one back when it first got announced, but now that release day (20th June) is getting closer, we figured it’s time to give you an extended preview and just an idea of what it is that genuinely makes Shamballa THE essential Judge Anderson tale.

It’s quite right that any Judge Anderson Essential series begins with Shamballa, one of the absolute high points of both the character and the creative team here, with Alan Grant writing with emotion, with heart, with a depth that totally suited Anderson and with his artistic collaborators, particularly Arthur Ranson outdoing themselves in giving us classical stylings that made every page a thing of absolute beauty.


There’s a review of this to come, so instead of going too far into things, I’ll just give you the 2000 AD PR and then a massive extended preview of this most essential of Judge Anderson tales…

“Judge Cassandra Anderson of Psi Division is one of the greatest minds on the Judges’ roster. As a precognitive telepath and empath, her quirks, such as her sense of humour, are tolerated by the otherwise oppressively strict Justice Department. However, Anderson’s sense of justice and morality soon calls her to question the Law of the Judges in these landmark adventures, written by Alan Grant and featuring jaw-dropping art by Arthur Ranson and Mick Austin.

As Anderson battles to save Mega-City, psychic twins, and her friend Judge Corey from psychic attacks and their inner demons, her faith in the systems around her begins to crumble. And when the world is teetering on the brink of an apocalyptic collapse, it will take everything Anderson has to save the world at the ancient temple Shamballa.”


Shamballa and its associated tales here really are the only place this Essential Judge Anderson series could begin – this is THE Judge Anderson tale and one that deserves a place on your shelves.

Essential Judge Anderson Volume 1: Shamballa by Alan Grant, Arthur Ranson, and Mick Austin.

Contains the stories Shamballa, Triad, The Witch Report, Judge Corey: Leviathan’s Farewell

Released by 2000 AD/Rebellion on 20th June 2023


Now, preview time… a little from every tale in this Essential Judge Anderson Volume 1…

JUDGE ANDERSON: TRIAD – by Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson, letters by Steve Potter


JUDGE ANDERSON: THE WITCH? REPORT – by Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson, letters by Annie Parkhouse


JUDGE COREY:  LEVIATHAN’S RETURN – by Alan Grant and Mick Austin, letters by Gordon Robson


JUDGE ANDERSON: SHAMBALLA – by Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson, letters by Steve Potter

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