Trapped With The Yellow-Eyed Devil – Legion Chapter 6 Locks You In

by Staff

There’s no debating that the FX show Legion has gotten increasingly creepy as the season rolls on, and that what is, in many ways, a superhero story, is at heart, a thriller, possibly even a horror show. But that’s not going off script from the comics, where Legion was always a murky, and therefore interesting, corner of the Marvel universe.
Last week’s chapter 5 ran like a full-scale thriller on such a cinematic level that fans were raving about the production quality. Choices made in execution included things we just don’t see often on TV like a fully silent sequence with a lot of mayhem happening in that silence, as well as long takes. Of course, if you are a fan of the Fargo TV show, you’ve seen some pretty impressive TV work. However, Legion really is next-level TV.

Now, coming through a big twist in our perceptions as viewers (why are we not surprised that are perceptions are being shifted yet again?) the entire team of would-be-rebels are suddenly plonked down in the mental hospital where we spent our first two episodes. What is real and what is not? This definitely feeds any fear you may feel that all of this somehow–every scene–is just playing out in David Haller’s mind.
But before we give into that assumption, we’re going to see characters in the grip of the Yellow-Eyed Devil, and toyed with in their own sense of identity and reality. And it’s hard to conceive of the show getting more uncomfortable or dramatic.
Here’s our promo trailer for Chapter 6, airing this Wednesday, March 15th, on FX:

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