To Burn Or Not To Burn? Preview Top Cow’s Eclipse #6

by Staff

Top Cow’s series Eclipse comes back this week for a sixth issue, bringing us a world ravaged by a “solar event” where a mysterious killer is hunting through a nocturnal city and claiming his victims by using deadly sunlight. Written by Zach Kaplan, with art and cover by Giovani Timpano, the series focuses on a young woman, Cielo, who is looking for answers about this killer and more. Issue #6 is the second issue in a new arc that began with issue #5.

In this issue, as As Cielo digs further in her quest, she makes a new ally in the secret Underground, but also finds herself pursued by agents. Meanwhile, a significant discovery is made–there’s a man in the wasteland who doesn’t burn in the sunlight the way that others do.
Here’s our preview of the interiors on Eclipse #6, courtesy of Top Cow:


Eclipse #6 arrives in shops this Wednesday, April 19th.
Top Cow also has a Kickstarter running right now for the sci-fi OGN Golgotha, which you can check out here:

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