Illustrated Classics By Paul Pope And Yuko Shimizu Are Funded, Bill Sienkiewicz Stretch Goal Remains

by Staff

On opening day of the campaign for beautiful illustrated editions of several literary classics on Kickstarter, we let you know about it. Run by Beehive Books, and driven by Maelle Doliveux and Josh O’Neill, the project has now passed its initial goal and reached its secondary stretch goal, with one very big stretch goal remaining for its 16 days of campaign still to go.

[A Paul Pope illustration for The Willows]

The books that have been funded are a Paul Pope illustrated edition of Algernon Blackburn’s The Willows and a Yuko Shimizu illustrated edition of The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde. Remaining is a version of The Island of Doctor Moreau illustrated by the great Bill Sienkiewicz.

[A Yuko Shimizu illustration for The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde]

The funding goals for this project were high in order to produce these oversized editions with slipcases as designed by Doliveux alongside the artists on each book, but the campaign reached its $50,000 goal for the first book and now its $70,000 stretch goal for the second book.

[A Bill Sienkiewicz illustration for The Island of Doctor Moreau]

Will it reach the $100,000 goal needed to produce the second stretch goal edition illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz? With over half the time still remaining in their campaign, that is a distinct possibility.There’s still time to be part of this lavish project bringing comic artists in to illustrate classic literature.
Find out more about the campaign right here.

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