“Always Follow The Blonde” — Let’s Talk About Last Night’s Wynonna Earp

by Erik Amaya

On Wynonna Earp, the details of the Earp Curse have always been a little hazy. But last night’s episode brought into focus its real nature and why it happened.
Naturally, it’s all down to a demon.
It seems the Earp history in Purgatory begins when Bobo told Wyatt about Sheriff Clutty. A dangerous man who, in reality, was a no-good demon with three brides. Two of them are the widows we’ve been seeing all season and the third is Constance Clutty — the Stone Witch who thew Doc down a well.
If any plot thread on the show seemed disposable, it was the Stone Witch. She was presented as an antagonist for Doc, but was quickly relegated to the salt flats so Doc could become part of the family. Even the allusions to her earlier this year did not suggest we would be seeing all these plots tied together through her actions.
And so, here’s how it all went down: Wyatt shot Constance’s two sons and the sheriff. Clutty used Bobo as a shield. Constance used the situation to her advantage by binding the sheriff underground and using three seals to hold him place. She also cursed the Earp line to face all the people Wyatt killed with his gun. Presumably, all of this was done at the same time, but since Wynonna witnessed this in a dream-state, the linear progression is a little confused. She also gave Doc immortality, but threw him down the well as part of her revenge against Wyatt.
The last part of her plan involved damning Bobo — Wyatt’s other close friend — so he’d help her recover the bones of her children.
That last part didn’t work out to well for Constance in the end. Come to think of it, Doc was kind of a mistake, too. But as Wynonna saw, Constance gave Bobo the option to save Doc. If he had, things might have been very, very different.
Instead, everyone is still caught in the path of the Clutties.
Meanwhile, it seems Bobo was right about Waverly. She’s not an Earp. And it seems she may be kin to Bobo somehow. That would explain why she was able to hold back Mictian for so long. Well, that’s assuming she’s directly related to Bobo. It would also set a precedent for Wynonna’s baby if it is, in fact, half-human/half-revenant.
Oh, and Bobo returning is certainly cause for concern.
But with all of these threads merging in the same place, you have to wonder if the curse is about to be broken. Constance seemingly used the Clutty power to do all of this and bound everyone to it. Maybe Peacemaker is the solution. And maybe Bobo can finally have some peace.
Certainly one of the more plotty episodes, last night’s show also offered some closure on Juan Carlo and a moment of happiness for Dolls. It may have also opened a rupture for WayHaught. Though light on the character development, it is certainly nice to have answers. But as The Prisoner observed, answers can be a prison for oneself. That may turn out to be true for Waverly.
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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