Dave Gibbons’ Signing Tour For His New Book: How Comics Work, With Tim Pilcher

by Olly MacNamee


To promote his new book, in partnership with Tim Pilcher (who you might know from Humanoids), How Comics Work, Dave Gibbons and Pilcher will set out on a whirl-wind tour of several comic shops here in the UK. Two in London (naturally, but annoyingly as they get all the good stuff) and Newcastle too, which is great news for fans in the North of England. Here are the times and dates you can catch them both over the coming weeks:
12:15-1:45pm: Sunday 27/8 – Soft signing (ltd. stock) at London Super Comic Con 2017
5:30pm-‘Til late: Wednesday 20/9 – Official launch signing & talk at Orbital Comics
6-7pm: Thursday 21/9 – Signing at Forbidden Planet Newcastle
This is an impressive looking book, offering insider tips for both hand drawn and digital art and colouring. A must for any would be comic book artist determined to break into comics 0r simply wanting to develop their style and ability, I would say having had the briefest of looks at it earlier this year at ICE in Brighton.

This “How It’s Done” series reveals insider hints, tips, and tricks from one of the world’s greatest comic creators in his own words. The artist behind juggernauts like Watchmen and The Green Lantern, Dave Gibbons is here to teach you scriptwriting, page layouts, lettering, cover designs, and more, and he’s doing it with scans of original artwork and rarely seen workings to illustrate his personal creative processes.

How Comics Work by Dave Gibbons and Tim Pilcher is available for advance ordering now online.

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