Sometimes You’re Just Not Terrifying – Jay Fosgitt’s Bodie Troll OGN From Boom

by Hannah Means Shannon

Boom! Studios has announced the original graphic novel with all-ages appeal, Bodie Troll, written and illustrated by Jay Fosgitt (Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon & Groot) to be released in February 2018.
The graphic novel is about a “seemingly fearsome monster who is actually a lovable grump”. The book is rather substantial for an OGN, with over 250 pages of story. The volume includes stories originally published by Red 5 Comics as well as new Bodie tales.

Bodie would like the villagers of Hagadorn tell stories about the troll’s ferociousness and “tread lightly when they cross his bridge”. However, he actually fails to inspire fear since he’s a “cute and cuddly grump of a troll”. Bodie is joined by his best friend Cholly and her Fairy Godmother in this new volume.
Fosgitt says:

While Bodie dreams of being the villain of this fairytale world, despite his best efforts, he inevitably winds up the hero every time.  My inspiration for BODIE TROLL was my love of fairytales, folklore, and mythology. I wanted to imbue it with anachronistic humor to make the characters and their stories relatable to our own world, while having a warm heart at the center of the silliness. I wanted to create something that Jim Henson would have appreciated.

Look out for Bodie Troll in February 2018!

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