Blade Runner 2049 Behind The Scenes Video Highlights Practical Sets And Environments

by Erik Amaya

In a recent video, Vice toured the sets of Blade Runner 2049. And unlike a number of major motion pictures set tours these days, there were actually sets to take a look at. They reflect the world first created in Blade Runner and the way director Denis Villeneuve wants to use it.

Having been on a set visits, I have to say there’s something right and proper when a film can use practical sets and props. One of my set visits featured no practical locations, so we were left with nothing but a special art department visit. As in the video above, the production designer walked us through parts of the story and it seemed like a magical, well-thought production. The end result left a lot to be desired and saw the studio delaying their planned feature film series as a consequence.
Of course, Blade Runner 2049 could also be a less-than-hoped-for film. Even watching the effort poured into the film, I can’t help but hold onto my reservations about it. If Villenueve was not the director, I don’t think I’d be interested or concerned with it at all. Hopefully, he’ll make magic with the Blade Runner world when Blade Runner 2049 arrives in theaters on October 6th.
(h/t: Slashfilm)

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