Explore A Surrealist Purgatory With Dave Calver’s Limbo Lounge From Yoe Books

by Hannah Means Shannon

Yoe Books has been publishing with IDW for some time, and now in conjunction with IDW Publishing and Top Shelf, are going to be releasing Dave Calver’s Limbo Lounge.
The book was originally teased at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, and curator of classic comics and unusual books, Craig Yoe, is bringing this visionary new book to readers.

In Limbo Lounge, people who have recently died await their fate in a bar frequented by beings from Hell. Described as “trippy” and “surreal”, the book features beings with flowers for heads, like Bud and Lou. But there’s also the well-meaning Sister Eunice who rids earth of scum and a pageant princess who stalks her prey with a knife.

This marks the first time that Yoe Books has curated a new book rather than classic comics, and Craig Yoe says:

It’s a thrill to make such an auspicious Yoe Books debut with the mind-blowing Dave Calver. Our motto when we started was ‘Making Comics History’. That was carefully worded because we have always planned on publishing, in addition to classic cool comics, original graphic novels that would ’make history’!

Limbo Lounge from Yoe Books arrives in shops on February 6th, 2018.

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