The Final Leg Of Jackson’s Journey: Rock Candy Mountain’s Epic Conclusion

by Brendan M. Allen

“OH, I’M BOUND TO GO” Your favorite and only Kung-Fu Hobo Epic hits the last stop on its trip, Dear Reader, and we have answers to questions. Will Jackson find redemption via fist-fighting his way into the back door of Heaven and thusly be reunited with his long-lost wife and child? Or will he be stopped in his tracks by the Literal Devil—or worse, Babs Bardoux? Will Pomona ever find happiness? Will Big Sis break something? Will all our hearts be broken? What will happen with the actual trainyard war? Will Hundred Cat do something so gosh darn Hundred Cat you will high five the air? Throw out your legs, friends, and prepare your soul to grab one last blind on the final leg to Rock Candy Mountain.

Rock Candy Mountain #7 kicked of an insane railyard brawl between the hobo mafia, the railway bulls, and the g-men, staged at the Gehenna Trainyard. Hah! I see what you did there, Starks. Gehenna. The fiery place. Abode of condemned souls. Chapter eight picks up at the end of that brawl, and with his brilliant diversion coming to its natural end, Jackson has Babs and Satan hot on his heels.

The World’s Toughest Hobo has been through hell in his Homeric odyssey to get back to his wife and baby girl. He’s been up against the feds and the hobo mafia, made a deal with and subsequently fought the actual devil, been to jail, beat Hitler to death with his bare hands… Now, here’s his final confrontation. One way or another, this thing’s gonna end.

Chapter eight is loaded with the quick wit, brilliant dialogue, innovative onomatopoeia (FUCKT! is my new favorite punch sound effect), and ridiculous action sequences we’ve come to expect from Kyle Starks, complimented magnificently by Chris Schweizer’s palette. The only complaint that I have with this issue, and it’s a huge one, is that it’s the finale.
Seems like all my favorite minis are blowing off this month. Rock Candy Mountain is right up there with my favorite stories of the year. Hell, I’d put this one in my favorite stories of the decade. Strike that. This is one of my favorite stories. Period. It’s been an absolute pleasure to read and review. I’m not crying! You’re crying! Damn it.

Rock Candy Mountain #8, published by Image Comics, released 07 February 2018. Written and drawn by Kyle Starks. Color by Chris Schweizer.
[*Editor’s note: I’m right there with you, Brendan. This has been one of the best comics-reading experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks to Kyle Starks, Chris Schweizer, and Dylan Todd for an amazing comic–HMS.]

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