5 Point Discussions – Record Of Grancrest War 7: “The White Prince”

by Sage Ashford

Theo and Siluca attend the Factory Union’s first major meeting since the two archdukes were killed at the start of the series. Who will Theo find waiting for him there? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. After Mirza fells most of the free lords that were standing in Villar’s way of claiming the countries Forbes and Clovis, Theo gets the task of going into a village ruled over by one Lord Ladvan Torrius. A key village in conquering the town in question, Siluca advises Theo that it would be best to convince Ladvan not to fight, but if they must to do so outside of the city.
Ladvan declares that although his people are free, he intends to eventually swear loyalty to the Fantasy Alliance, so working with Theo is a waste of time…There’s only a few things getting in the way of that. Lassic and his thirty thousand strong army for one. And the fact that Ladvan is a better ruler of his people than he is greedy for power and political favors. His people love and respect him so strongly that they beg him to simply ally himself with the Union…and he agrees.
What’s noteworthy in this scene is that Theo does most of the convincing here without much coaxing from Siluca. He convinces Ladvan to swap allegiances in a simple conversation, which brings us back to this being Fire Emblem: The Anime, a game where things like that happen frequently. Working contrary to Mirza, Theo proves that his way is just as possible as Mirza’s: no one had to die to achieve his goal, even if it seemed like it at first. A moment like this is crucial in confirming that all the people who believe in Theo aren’t completely deluded.
Meanwhile, let’s see how Lassic is doing with the Kingdom of Forbes.

2. Welp. It’s a brief scene, but the second we switch from the idealistic Theo to the rough warrior king Lassic, it was obvious what was going to happen. This is the fate Theo saved Ladvan from, as Lassic manages to conquer the land of Forbes in only five days after horrifically murdering the king. (A quick reminder: All of this was just so they could ride to the talks with the Marquis undisturbed. Like, Lassic has robbed a family of their father and grandfather just ’cause Siluca gets seasick.)
Getting serious again, there’s a very satisfying jump over to Margrave Marrine’s castle, where she’s been informed that she’s lost two of her territories to the Earl. Denying Theo Cornaro’s attempt to join her has had very unfortunate results for her, and though it was expected from the beginning, she was still caught in something of a no-win situation. She couldn’t reward Theo’s actions, and yet kicking him out has led to this.

3. This cross between a mafia member and WWF’s Paul Bearer is Pederico Rossini, the Lord currently ruling over the lands of Sistina, and the guy Theo means to unseat in order to restore peace to his country’s lands. Once again Villar reminds us that he’s really a decent guy.  At the second royal gathering in as many episodes, he decides to introduce Theo to Pederico. They have a conversation dripping with thinly veiled threats, as Theo immediately makes himself known as Theo Cornaro, all but proclaiming that he intends to return to Sistina to make things right again.
Of course, the last Cornaro was a hero that the Rossinis killed in order to gain control, so Pederico informs Theo it would be best that he took another name. Moreover, he points out that him returning to Sistina would do no good. Theo’s having none of it though, and “politely” explains he’ll be back to Sistina one day, sooner rather than later.
It’s now become obvious that working with Villar has elevated Theo and Siluca. They’re dealing directly with higher ups now when it should’ve taken much longer even if Siluca’s plans had worked out completely.

4. After the party, both Theo and Siluca try to relax, but as they’re reflecting on the night’s events, they’re greeted by the most unexpected guest: Marquis Alexis. If you don’t remember him (I’m not ashamed to say I forgot him), he’s the boy who got left at the altar by Marrine.
It’s absurd, but this episode sees Theo become friends with the highest ranking royal in the land. We’re still at episode 7, guys! It does make sense though, story-wise.   Alexis has heard of Theo’s story and is seemingly obsessed with it: after creating his own crest and strengthening it until he climbed to the ranking of Viscount, Theo threw away all of it in order to keep Siluca by his side.
The Marquis admits he wishes he could do the same, but Marrine is having none of it, as she isn’t willing to surrender control over the Alliance in order for the two sides to unite. It’s a refreshing change of pace to see the female character abandon the male’s attempts at romance for once, but I genuinely hope it’s because she sees duty as more important than love, and not because she’s just never liked the guy to begin with. He’s likable, if a bit of a sad sack.
That said, as ridiculous as this moment is, we’re now setting up a pattern: Theo’s actions off the battlefield are becoming even more important than what he does on them.

5. As Alexis tries to leave Villar’s castle, it comes under attack by some men clad in dark robes.
And it’s at this point I owe an apology to the werewolf princesses. They put in more work than Theo here (not that that’s surprising, Theo’s skills don’t lie in battle), brutally slicing many of these men to bits while Siluca and Theo defend the Marquis. At first we’re under the impression they’re after Alexis, but it turns out these are Omerta…Rossini’s men. His flag’s special powers force them to carry out his actions, no matter how cruel they might be.
Seems Theo ticked the Rossini off more than we might’ve guessed. Siluca surmises that there’s a good chance they’ll be kicked out of the Union due to accidentally attacking the Marquis. This should make an easier path to taking Sistina back, and yet…there’s a good chance Rossini won’t allow himself to be outmaneuvered so easily.
Record of Grancrest War is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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