Our Patriotic Preview Of Fighting American: The Tie That Binds #1 By Rennie And Tong

by Olly MacNamee

Hiding behind a great Jerry Ordway cover is the first issue of the new Fighting American comic book series from Titan, hot on the heels of last year’s successful mini-series that saw one of Kirby and Simon’s less well known Commie smasher wind up in the present day. With hilarious results! You may have even read our exclusive interview with writer Gordon Rennie at the time. If not, fill your boots now!
As for the new series, here’s the lowdown:

In 1954, NELSON FLAGG took part in an experimental US Military procedure that saw his mind transferred into the enhanced and revitalized body of his dead brother, JOHNNY FLAGG, to become America’s first and only superhero, FIGHTING AMERICAN!

63 years later, FIGHTING AMERICAN and his sidekick, SPEEDBOY, have found themselves marooned in the 21st Century.

With MADAME CHAOS now safely behind bars, FA and SB have begun the mammoth task of tracking down all of the stolen PROFESSOR DYLE TWISTER tech that she sold on the Dark Web to every whack-job, fanatic, terrorist and weirdo she could find.

Meanwhile, one of FA’s old 1950s villains (sent through time by CHAOS LAD), the notorious DOUBLE HEADER, is now head of the FBI and starting to make life difficult for our two-fisted man of action.

This first issue is out next week, Wednesday, the 7th of March, written by returning scribe, Gordon Rennie, and illustrated Andie Tong.
That leaves us with the patriotic duty of sharing this preview below! Call it a patriotic preview if you will, but do take a look, whatever you call it.

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