A Fitting Tribute To A Horror Master: Frankenstein, Alive, Alive! #4

by Olly MacNamee

With the sad passing of horror master Bernie Wrightson last year, his book with writer Steve Niles had to be put on hold. But now, almost a year later and with the help of Kelley Jones (himself no stranger to horror), the fourth and final installment of Frankenstein, Alive, Alive! is released Wednesday, the 7th of March by IDW. I’m seeing it as not only the conclusion to a book that gave Wrightson a canvas upon which to really shine, but as a fitting tribute to the legend, almost a year on from his death.

The exciting climax of Niles’ and Wrightson’s reinterpretation of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’sFrankenstein is here! Niles’ gothic storytelling couples perfectly with Bernie Wrightson and Kelley Jones’ stunning art as the monster meets his ultimate fate!

And, here’s preview to show what you’ve been missing.

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