IDW Imprint Crowdfunds Combat Comics By Sam Glanzman With Simonson, Heath & Braun

by Hannah Means Shannon

If you haven’t heard previously, IDW has a new imprint that’s specifically dedicated to crowdfunding editions of comics that might not otherwise see print.
The It’s Alive! imprint has announced an upcoming Kickstarter to bring select issues of the classic Combat comic book series by Sam Glanzman back to print.

Three issues are being Kickstarted by publisher Drew Ford. Two of the three issues have already been successfully Kickstarted, but all three will be available in the new campaign featuring variant cover art.
The ‘Dunkirk’ issue has a variant cover by Walter Simonson (Ragnarök), the ‘Battle of Midway‘ issue has a variant cover by Russ Heath (Haunted Tank), and the new ‘D-Day’ issue has a variant cover by Russ Braun (The Boys).

There will also be a limited number of signed copies of the variant covers by Simonson, Heath, and Braun.
Combat is a comic that told true stories of WWII for several years, running to 26 issues, all illustrated by Sam Glanzman.
Ford says:

COMBAT, as a series, is an important early example of war comics. These first few issues tell three of the most compelling and unforgettable true stories of WWII. Beyond that, I am very honored to continue bringing back the magnificent work of Sam Glanzman. And I am so grateful that Walter Simonson, Russ Heath, and Russ Braun all contributed such incredible variant covers. We hope you will give it a look, and consider making a pledge.

The Combat Kickstarter will be active from now until the evening of Sunday, March 25, 2018 and you can find out more about it here.

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