Oversharing Hits Bio Tech In This Week’s Come Into Me #1

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week on Wednesday, March 14th, new Black Mask Studios series Come Into Me lands in comic shops, created by the writing team that previously brought us the critically acclaimed series The Dregs, Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson. They are joined by artist Piotr Kowalski of Image Comics’ Sex to create a series that’s unsettling and fascinating, an exploration of the future we’re heading towards in blending tech and biology.
Come Into Me features a biological tech entrepreneur who develops a volatile way of linking human brains together through a medical procedure, and a woman who has plenty of reasons to try to get him to think of the wider social applications of this invention. But the long-term effects of the procedure could be very dark indeed.
Spinning out of our own reliance on “sharing” culture and real medical advances, we featured the series previously on Comicon.com via a substantial interview with Nadler and Thompson. You can find that here.
In it, Nadler explains:

It’s about exploring the dynamic between people who approach memory and experience in a utilitarian way versus the more modern idea of sharing/oversharing as humans. Sebastian is, by and large, someone who is disconnected from others despite creating technology that literally connects minds. Becky is someone who is desperate for empathy and connection, and she wants nothing more than to understand others, to feel the way other people feel, and to step outside of herself. There’s something to be said about both of those perspectives.
Lately it seems like a lot of people are trying to push back against this idea of oversharing and shouting our perspectives at one another via social media. There’s a lot of utility in connecting with others and relying on one another to open a dialogue. Sebastian doesn’t really see the use of it and Becky longs to break free from isolation. By engaging both in a conversation, we’re hoping to show the benefits of both and also hone in on the devastating effects of intermingling your mind with an opposing perspective with no chance of escape.

But you can also check out this preview of issue #1 ahead of picking it up in shops this week.

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