Fleeing Pharmaceutical Monstrosities: Preview Black Mask’s Breathless #1

by Hannah Means Shannon

We’ve reported previously on this interesting new series from Black Mask Studios featuing “big pharma” and some seriously crazy monster elements.
In Breathless, a cryptozoologist discovers the cure for asthma in the venom of a new breed of monster and thus becomes the target of a pharmaceutical company and also the monsters they have hired to take her down. She has an assistant, “a morally ambiguous succubus”, and her geriatric dog, and they all go on the run against these terrible forces.

Breathless is written by Pat Shand (Destiny NY, Guardians of the Galaxy) and illustrated by  Renzo Rodriguez (Hellchild), as well as colored by Mara Jayne Carpenter (Jade Street Protection Services). 
The first issue of Breathless lands next week on March 28th, 2018 and is described as a “healthcare horror story”.
Here’s our preview courtesy of Black Mask:

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