F. Gary Gray To Helm M.A.S.K. Feature For Paramount

by Erik Amaya


The Thunderhawk may finally fly at last.
Deadline reports that Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray has signed on to direct Paramount’s feature film adaptation of the 1980s toyline and cartoon M.A.S.K. Developed by Kenner in 1985, the toy vehicles featured play action gimmicks which transformed them into other vehicles — a motorbike could turn into a helicopter, for example. The drivers of the vehicles also wore special masks which gave them added powers like flight, invisibility and super strength. On the television show, children learned the vehicles and masks were in the services of the antagonist V.E.N.O.M. and the heroic M.A.S.K., or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, led by Matt Trakker.
The show survived for two season while the toy line endured for four years. Introduced by Kenner during the waning moments of its Star Wars line, it was intended to compete with Hasbro’s Transformers. Eventually, the latter company bought Kenner and now both properties exist under the same corporate umbrella.
In fact, M.A.S.K. was intended to be part of the Transformers cinematic universe as recently as last year. It is unclear if this is still the case as much of the planning for that massive undertaking was abandoned after the release of Transformers: The Last Knight. As recently as January, writers attached to the project in its cinematic universe incarnation claimed the M.A.S.K. film project was unlikely to happen.
Gray is also slated to direct Sony’s new Men In Black incarnation, which is expected to begin production in June while M.A.S.K. seeks out a new writer to give the toy concept a contemporary edge.

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