Advance Review: In Analog #3, The Data Gets Deadly

by Richard Bruton

The sun is a giant asshole.
I think Shakespeare wrote that.

Opening lines from the third issue of Analog, there.
Yep, still loving the dialogue. In fact, still loving Analog full stop. It’s one of those series that just aced it right out the gate and hasn’t let up at all since. The series by Jerry Duggan and David O’Sullivan is crackling with punchy lines, smart action, and that immediately grabby high concept. Three issues in and it’s such great fun.
The world of Analog is a world gone horrendously open, with every last bit of your online life suddenly out there for the world to see. That was four years back, the great doxxing, and since then the world’s changed, with no-one able to trust secrets to anything but the old-fashioned ways. And part of that means the real secret stuff, the dangerous stuff, that gets done in person now, through a ledger-man.
Issue three is a chance to catch up with ledger-man Jack McGinnis, as he helps out his friend/lover/protector Oona, whom we last saw taking down the bad folks through a sniper scope in issue 1.
She’s been beating the crap out of nazis, killing seven, putting the last one in hospital. No-one’s particularly sympathetic for them, but the fact that the one left alive saw Oona’s face could lead to trouble. Which is why McGinnis steps in to silence Oona’s loose end, with just enough time before hopping on a flight to Japan, where it does feel as though something very bad is going to happen.
Sure, right now, it’s all seemingly going fine. We get to see more of the relationship between Jack and Oona, Jack’s sorting the loose end, and he’s planning on dealing with the threat of Aunt Sam when he returns.
Although quite how he’s going to get out from Aunt Sam’s clutches we’re not sure. She certainly seems to be one step ahead most of the time in her mysterious attempts to intercept all ledger-men secrets and keep copies. Not totally on top though, as Jack’s latest case isn’t all that copier friendly…
A great little moment of fun in what’s becoming increasingly dark as it moves forward.
I don’t know whether Analog is a limited series, or is continuing, and I’m fine with that. I’m deliberately not going to find out, because I want to keep that real sense of threat that’s bleeding out of the pages now. And most of that comes from the sense that something terrible is going to happen to Jack in Japan. Duggan even gives the poor dumb sap a break at the end of this issue, where we finally see him have just a moment of happiness with Oona…
Which is just setting everything up to go horribly wrong, isn’t it?
Three issues in and this fast-paced perfect thriller still has surprises and jumps for us yet I’m sure. Excellent stuff.
Analog issue #3 by Gerry Duggan (writer), David O’Sullivan (artist), Mike Spicer (colors), Joe Sabino (letters), is published monthly by Image Comics. Variant cover by John McCrae.
Issue #3 is released on Wednesday, the 13th of June.

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